Being “Hungry” for Spiritual Life

Do you desire more than just an intellectual and physical existence?

Some would say, “That’s all there is.” But that’s sidestepping the question:

Do you *want* more than an intellectual and physical existence?

This mental and physical world is too bland and monochromatic to satisfy the human will.

Life is fueled by our passions for those things that let us see – and move – beyond present-moment obstacles and limitations.

To “rule-out” spiritual considerations is to rule-out life.  There would be no reason for living if all it offered was for us to merely manage the objects and people we find before us until we expire. 

We “know” we’re designed for more than this, though not consciously. We feel it.  We can sense that something isn’t quite right with the temporariness and limitation of life.  That area of awareness is “spiritual”. It will never be physically proven because it’s not physical. There will always be an inner conflict when we deny its existence because it’s always there.

Until we’re willing to factor in “spiritual energy” as a component of life, we will be repelling a living part of ourselves that can never be satisfied by this dead existence.


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