Intellectualism and The Born Again Experience, Part 1

The first mystery to becoming Born Again is to take the bible as your own. You categorically declare the world’s “knowledge” to be false – even if it speaks of something that actually exists – because its “realities” are not enduring. When one is seeking eternal life, the world’s answers to life are, at best, incomplete.

The academic mindset – possessed by those who believe that they “think” when they’re merely collecting others’ thoughts – are, in the main,  trapped into comparing all new ideas with this “idol” of their school experience.  They are forever unable to think outside that box, even when it produces failure – for they are hypnotized by that experience into believing the comments of certain “categories” of people – rather than evaluating an idea on its own merits.

Viewing the Born Again experience through this new prism, the Word becomes the focal point. You read it, and when you get to a point where you’re stymied, you ask YHWH Adonai, in the name of Jesus, for the holy spirit to make clear what you are reviewing. This places one’s spirit at the head, with the intellect assuming its proper role as “servant”.

Some might say, “You could believe anything by that approach. What are you using as evidence?”

Faith does require action first. But when that faith is applied to a real dynamic,  the evidence comes to light in the course of its application.  The reality of God is evident, but he requires that we have a hunger for his reality and invest our lives and our thoughts into his word as the initial step.


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