The War: Spirit vs. Flesh

The healthy personality has the bulk of its “will” emanating from its spirit. It is less fazed by physical pain, hunger or intimidation because it is rooted in one’s core: the Eternal Self.

The  fragmented spirit  seeks to derive energy from the body in order to feel “alive.” Food, sex, stimulants and validation from others are craved.  Without this physical stimulation, the individual having a fragmented spirit feels cut off from life, cut off from himself, from his core.  He’s overly focused on the limitations of his physical reality and panics at the realization of its vulnerability and mortality.

The healthy psyche has a spirit-to-body awareness ratio of, to give it a figure, 70/30 (“70” being the spirit’s influence). This is achieved either by an upbringing in which his life was marked by “staying in motion” and didn’t dwell on overwhelming perceptions of self-doubt.

 If this was corrupted in youth, the fragmented soul must be redirected consciously by the spiritually aware adult.  One must take note of those areas in which one pursues approval seeking behaviors rather than being inner-directed; or flesh stimulation via sensory gratification.

Once one is aware of this dependency, he must bring his response to the outer environment to a screeching halt and delve into his core.  He needs to allow his spirit to rise to a point at which his inner reality defines his external persona. 

No regard is to be paid to the emotion-crazed outer world until one knows oneself apart from the assessments of others (those who insist on unquestioning obedience to the frantic and pointless physical world).

God engineered this design and he always has the resources on hand for us to make the necessary changes to enable the rebuilding of our original, healthy design.



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