I like to share lighthearted observations of life (while whittling the inadvertently misanthropic-sounding edge from the commentary).

This began as a place where I share ideas which have brought me to a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God.

I try to provide rational grounds for considering the supernatural. Growing up, I felt that the cartoonish descriptions of God we often receive from religious organizations didn’t match my maturing understanding of the world.

It struck me that life is fundamentally purposeless if we assess it on a physical, sensory level. What is the origin of that impulse of “will” that drives living organisms to fight, flee, and evolve beyond their present state? This can not be satisfactorily understood without accepting the possibility of there being an energy that falls outside of our physical world.

Over time I experienced events and understandings that served as personal “proofs” of God.

A sticking point is the inherent inability to demonstrate such proof to another. Alas life contains knowledge that lies beyond man’s ability to articulate. So I attempt to describe things in such a way that could enable another to experience such “proof” personally.

My website: jerickweb.50webs.com


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